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CareManager Pro® is constantly evolving as it reacts to user requirements and recommendations
Our goal is to provide the ultimate in care and case management software to health care & social services professionals

DotNet  / SQL Database

Fetures Overview (PDF)


Create & Maintain Case Records
with Assessments with Plans of Care integration / Clinical Notes Modules

Demographic Information Family Emergency Contracts Physicians Record Doctor’s Office Visits Record Drugs & Medications Health/Medical History Check List Hospitalizations Record Insurance Information Assistive Items Client Conditions Client Diagnosis Medical History Check List    Allergies Immunizations Contacts Spell Check and Editing features and more

Attachments Module - We’ve also included a "digital paperless solution" usually found in higher-price products. 
With this module you can scan receipts, hand written documents, reports, letters, photos received, etc., and quickly attach them to the case file.  You will never have to go to the file cabinet to get the hard copy paper file again.  You can view it, print it, export it to a PDF format, email it - right from the case record within
CareManager Pro ®

Integrated Scheduler
Record tasks by User or Case, Alarm / Alert Feature Set time and duration for billing Interface to Activity Log Module Create and print To Do Lists by Case or User Work on multiple cases on screen Integrated Outlook access schedules from Smart Phone.
Client Activity Log Module
Captures charges from interface with To-Do - Calendar & Schedule module
Enter services, description, charges, ability to override default setting
Record Payments on case Print Detailed Invoice / Statement

Billing Module - Invoices and Statements
Automatically generate and / or maintain Invoices - optional display of notes
Select by individual client case record or all cases with open / unpaid fees
Generate Statements -  All Clients or Select by client case record.  Multiple formats...

Print Case Records - Formatted
Print Completed Records or Blank Forms for Worksheets

Administrative Security and Permissions
Includes “Security and Permissions” features you, as “Administrator, can set up users with either full database access or restricted access to selected case records, data, modules, financial reports, billing, and statements.  You also have the ability to “assign selected cases” and / or “restrict access” to other case records.   

We also provide interfaces to the following:

QuickBooks Export Interface
  We will provide an export interface with your designated line item data from CareManager Pro®  
"Activity Log" module to your QuickBooks program - $250.00 (one-time set up fee)
Interface allows export of CareManager Pro client Activity log and payment data to your QuickBooks. Choose to Invoice in CareManager Pro or QuickBooks

Custom Programming / Add-Ons / Additional Info  - Call Sales Dept 888-669-9697 Ext 2

System Recommendations
Note: PC-Windows-based software - Windows 8, 10 OS (Windows 10 Recommended)
Runs on Windows Tablets and Apple's Mac OS using Parallels, VMWare Fusion or Boot Camp*
(*requires Windows OS installed)

Celebrating Our 18th Year!