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Client-User Support
Technical support provided by Annual Support Subscription Call (888) 669-9697 Ext 3 or 407-222-6533
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Overview of our Annual Support and Upgrades Policy

Your Insurance Policy to Maintain CareManager Pro

(Annual Support & Upgrades Protection Overview PDF)

CareManager Pro offers a cost-effective Annual Upgrade Protection & Support Program subscription
to protect your initial investmentand to provide free upgrade releases and unlimited telephone support.

The Annual fee are based on the number of user licenses purchased, i.e.
Standard Single (1)
, Network Standard (3) or Network Premium (6), or on additional licenses purchased, presently priced at $200.00 per year per user license.

Your 12 month Paid Subscription Guarantees your CareManager Pro  will:
1-     Be kept current.  Annual Upgrades included
     Provide you with all interim enhancements and service packs.  Throughout the year we release smaller upgrades with improved functionality, new or modified features, etc..
3-     Toll Free Support Number (888) 669-9697 Ext 3 during normal business hours M-F 9:00am – 5:00PM EST (exclusive of week-ends) to assist in any CareManager Pro software issue. 

Clients who DO NOT maintain UPSP subscriptions:

     1-     If subscription is expired or not renewed before expiration users can later upgrade to the latest version with a purchase of the software at 50% of the current retail price within the 1st year of expiration. Afterwards, it is the current retail price.

About Data Backup and Network Connectivity Issues
 With your PAID subscription we will assist you to determine if you have a “software” or “hardware/network connectivity issue.
Usually these issues can be quickly resolved. However, hardware/network connectivity or maintenance issues are the responsibility of the client, including proper measures to Backup your database file to any external media or disk.

Charges may apply at our billable rate should our support time and assistance be required in the resolution of your hardware/network issues should they be extraordinary. We recommend to our network clients to have a local IT Service Company or individual be available for on-call or timely assistance with any hardware, server, workstation and network connectivity issues, database backup and security for any shared program or file.

For additional information call CareManager Pro  toll free: (888) 669-9697 Ext 3